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In the city everything is very concrete. We have our plan, we have our schedule but when you get out of the city I think its inspiring to think about more abstract concepts and going somewhere for color or textures and doing something for yourself.

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Jay Nelson

Artist, Carpenter
San Francisco, CA

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I always dreamed about building a camper on a Subaru Brat, I just think the Brat is the coolest car

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I buy a lot of my wood from a guy who has a mill up in Marshall. It's one of my favorite things to do: throw a surfboard in the car, drive up there to meet him and buy the wood, then getting in a surf and heading home. Its kind of an ideal day.

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Mikael Kennedy
Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Thrope
Writer, Musician
Santa Fe, NM

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Over the years its become very apparent to me that I'm an American artist and the road is an icon of America.

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Everything I've done as an artist has been based on the road. I always joke that the best seat in the house is front seat in the car. Its my favorite place to be.

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Theres a unique experience of your first car. I remember getting in my Subaru and I drove to Montreal first and then from there all the way down to Texas and that feeling of heading out on your own for the first time in your car, you feel free.

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